Our goal is to help you acquire Florida and South Georgia acreage for investment, development, or personal enjoyment; in fact, any acreage, farm land, or timberland that will meet your objectives... including free ongoing property management if desired.

Two degreed Foresters, professionally trained in procuring and managing land, acreage, farms, investment property, and timberland provide an invaluable land acquisition service for individuals, trusts, partnerships, LLC's and other entities. Financing and free property management services are available.


Finding your property starts with a phone call to Jib or Norman. We need to know several important parameters, but the most important one is to define what your objectives are. Typical objectives could be:

  • “I am looking for two hundred to four hundred acres of land in North Florida with income opportunities. I want to spend between $400,000 to $500,000.”
  • “Our investment group wants to acquire development property in Central Florida. We are looking for two hundred acres on a major highway within ten miles of a medium sized city. Our budget is around two million dollars.”
  • “Our trust wants to sell our apartment complex and conduct a tax fee exchange for timberland in North Florida. The trust needs to generate annual income from timber sales and other land opportunities. The apartment complex is under contract for $6.25 million dollars.”

After understanding what your needs are, we typically enter into an agreement outlining our responsibilities with a time frame. This agreement does not commit you, the buyer, to buy anything; it simply acknowledges that we will represent you and it authorizes us to start looking for your property.

Our next step is to contact all of the relevant people that we know and have met since 1978 when we started in the land management business. Very rarely will acreage be listed in the local multiple listing service. We acquire most of our medium and larger parcels through our extensive network of owners, foresters, land managers, and other contacts that we have made in our professional organizations. Click onto How to Buy Acreage for details on how the land buying system works.


After combing through the available inventory, we throw out the junk and narrow the search selection down to those properties that meet the buyer’s objectives. There is nothing to be gained to present properties that fall outside of a buyer’s parameters. It is a waste of their time as well as our time. Our property review includes an exhaustive resource analysis.


Next, visits are arranged, inventory data is released from the seller and verified by Jib or Norman, pro forma cash flow statements are derived, and other concerns are met. At this time a contract is drawn up between the seller and the buyer with the usual contingencies and escape clauses. Upon acceptance, Jib or Norman can arrange for all the closing details such as financing, surveying, timber appraisals, land appraisals, title searches, and closing dates.


After a successful closing, we can then say “Mission Accomplished”.

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